Saturday, April 15, 2017


Agent D 'boo' recreation based upon Romanek video and pics
The 2013 Stan Romanek documentary "Extraordinary" is now available on i-tunes to rent for five bucks and I watched it last night in 1080p resolution on my Samsung LED TV in bed at 2 am. The power to my house cut out twice during the documentary, most likely just coincidence but it certainly added some tension and ambiance to the evening. I highly recommend "Extraordinary" for other UFO-ET enthusiasts, this is a balanced, detailed and well produced video that includes a generous amount of UFO video, mostly recorded by Stan, and first hand evidence in the form of photos, medical records, audio and interviews with experts in the field of quantum physics and psychology. Having followed Stan's case for many years, I was familiar with most of the material prior to watching Extraordinary on i-tunes. I would like to take a few moments to cover some of the highlights of the documentary, now that I have watched it in its entirety, and give my opinion on a few of the most significant items. Stan Romanek is of course the Colorado abductee who released the alien peeping tom video which went viral in 2008. What most people do not realize, as they are insufferably lazy and quick to judge, is that Stan Romanek was having a great deal of UFO activity before the famous "boo" video and has had activity following the viral video and the overwhelming body of evidence spanning decades is presented in the documentary in a nearly linear fashion from the earliest material to the later years. 

Scene recreation by Agent D, based upon Stan Romanek sketches and other eye witness data

Is Stan Romanek a genuine abductee or the best UFO hoaxer of all time? This is the question on UFO enthusiast's minds and I have been on a personal quest to find out the answer to this extraordinary question. The documentary includes multiple videos shot by Stan which depict brilliant energy orbs zipping around both outside and inside his home. There is also video of the famous alien 'boo' peeking through the window. Taking things to the next level of weirdness is the 'grandpa grey' video which shows a small Grey type being standing behind a wall, leaning out and looking through Stan's sliding glass door into the camera. The being is full animated with a biological timing in terms of body movements and facial movements. Now, if Stan or someone close to Stan cooked up these videos, they are incredibly knowledgeable and talented. It would not be impossible to fake one or both of the peeping alien videos, however when you take into account the big pile of video and photographic evidence Stan has accumulated, fakery does not seem practical. I know fakers and their trade craft and the M.O. of hoaxers usually presents itself as a few, semi-plausible videos built around a particular theme. As an example, Billy Meyers produced the same type of chrome-looking craft over and over at the same distance in the same Swiss landscape. Lisping idiot Secure Team 10 presents ground to sky clips of 3D generated UFOs with an average video beginning on the UFO and ending with the UFO zipping off, ditto for the Dumbass Duo over at TwerpPhaseMoon. With Stan, the evidence ranges from melted prescription bottles to audio of a dumbfounded medical doctor trying to make sense of a self-healing torn ACL ligament. We have characters other than Stan and his wife Lisa who are deeply involved. The scope and depth of talent necessary to fake such a wide ranging array of items is mind-boggling. 

Agent D - Grey Being recreation based upon multiple reports
There are a few things that bug me about Stan Romanek's story and keep me scratching my head. One of the earliest craft recorded by Stan on video is a UFO that consists of a large upper circular body with several smaller spheres forming a ring at the bottom. This type of configuration has been recorded before on video and also described by another famous abductee. So, if Stan faked one of his earlier videos of the UFO above the power-lines, then he picked a damn good configuration and is very well versed in UFO craft history. What has me convinced Stan Romanek is telling the truth is the assortment of photographs and sketches he has related to Grey aliens and ET-human hybrids. Of particular interest to me, and a picture I was not aware of prior to watching the Extraordinary video, is the photograph Stan snapped of the chalk-white face Grey beings that show up so very often in David Huggin's paintings. The white face and black eyes of these beings seem so impossibly high-contrast, I thought surely David Huggins was exaggerating their faces in his paintings - but incredibly it appears they do indeed look like this given the actual being Stan appears to have captured on camera. Grey beings and Hybrid being anatomy is an area of scene recreation I became involved in with other UFO abductees beginning in 1996. I go into this in great detail in one of our earlier blog entries on Stan, so to make a long story short - once again, Stan would have to be very, very well versed in hybrid physiology based upon dozens of eye witness reports. Well, Stan could be a UFO savant, capable of hitting home-runs with a wild assortment of ET hoaxery, but you have to ask, why? For the money? Anyone placing themselves into such a ridiculously, perilous public position solely for money would be evidently STUPID in my opinion, and Stan Romanek comes across as anything but stupid. I cover the infamous interview with Stan flipping the pen cap, in the earlier blog, so please check that out if you want to get deeper into the Romanek psychology. 

Agent D Illustration - Grey-Human Hybrid Child based upon CE4 reports
The epilogue of Extraordinary covers the legal case being fabricated against Stan, claiming he had illegal pornographic images on his computer. I would like for readers to think about the reality of this situation for a moment, lean back in your chair and really ponder this. The fact that there is a government case against Stan in itself is peculiar. It is direct evidence someone wants to shut down Stan's story. This type of accusation destroys a person instantly, consider that. It destroyed Stan's reputation like a bunker buster bomb. Fortunately, however - the documentary was in the can before the accusations - so the evidence is out there for the world to see and for them to make up their own minds. Proving someone personally placed images on a computer is literally impossible to prove and in my opinion just stupid and irresponsible to propose in the first place, given how easy it is to hack a PC and the NSA have been caught out to be LIARS and HACKERS with great interest in hacking smart phones and personal computers, so I personally do not believe anything coming from the US government or Homeland Insecurity and never will.